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Sugar is easily the number one enemy today. Too much sugar in one’s diet can increase your risks of developing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It can also interfere with your immune function and can accelerate aging.

Curbing sugar addiction is not easy, especially when sugar is all around us. It’s in white pasta and in our favorite pastry treats and soda. What you can do is to start small in slowly eliminating sugar in your diet.
Eat breakfast. Never skip breakfast because this can spike up your hunger and makes you crave for sugar later in the day. Always have breakfast no matter how busy you are. Opt for a meal that’s rich in fiber and protein to fill you up.

  • Don’t deprive yourself. It’s going to be difficult to remove all forms of sugar from your diet all in one day. You will still get those cravings, especially during times when you’re stressed out or you’re bored. Don’t deprive yourself. Just stick to around 100-calorie portions for your sweet snacks like cupcakes or candies.
  • Opt for fruits. Try to satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet fruits like apples, banana or oranges. You’ll get the natural sweetness plus some fiber and added nutrients. Remember to stock up on some dried fruits and nuts so you can easily reach for them when you’re craving for something sweet.
  • Cut overt sugar. Focus on the worst kinds of sugar, like those found in candy bars, ice cream, soda, and frappuccinos. If you tend to consume this type of food every day, then try lessening your consumption. Instead of eating these treats daily, reduce to three times a week.
  • Just go. If you feel like reaching for a sweet snack, just go up and do some exercise. Take a walk or do something to get your mind off of snacking. Try changing the scenery to forget your cravings.
  • Space meals and snacks accordingly. Don’t wait for a long time in between meals as this will set you up to crave for sugary food. Keep your blood sugar stable by spacing your meals accordingly. Snack healthy food in between meals in order to avoid the irrational eating behavior.

Follow these simple steps and start your way to reduce sugar in your diet. It’s not an easy path. But the more you persevere, the more success you’ll have.