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Man has been eating since the world began. Alongside with our appetite and how food has changed, many food myths have cropped up. Many of these food beliefs are simply not true. Identifying the food facts from those that are made-up is essential to know which ones you should believe in.

Here are some food myths that have to be debunked:

  • Five-second rule. We’ve all heard about it. You can eat that pizza that fell on the floor as long as it was on the ground for less than five seconds. But, is it really safe? Experts will tell you to err on the safe side and wash food first before eating it. One study shows that floors are generally clean but if there are microorganisms present, these will transfer in less than five seconds. Bacteria can be found all over you and foodborne illnesses have varying onset. However, these illnesses are not that serious for the millions who contract it. Further studies still need to be done in order to get a consensus.
  • Low-fat food is better for you. This food myth has been around for a long time. We think that going for food that indicate low-fat content is healthier for you. Unfortunately, many of these products are low in good fats instead of the bad ones. Maintaining an intake of the good fats is necessary for cardiovascular health.
  • Cleansing with juice cleanses. People today think that juice cleansing will detox your body. However, the body already has a built-in organ for detoxing and that’s the liver. Although it won’t harm to go on a juice cleanse for a day, doing it to lose weight is not a bright idea. This deprives the body of fats and protein, which are essential to building muscle.
  • Dairy for healthy bones. Confusing dairy with calcium is common. Many think that it’s necessary for strong bones. Bone health goes beyond the typical vitamin D and calcium. Although dairy contains calcium and is often fortified with vitamin D, it doesn’t have vitamin K. This is also an important building block for healthy bones. Dark leafy vegetables have calcium and vitamin K. Magnesium is another essential mineral that is found in almonds and oatmeal but not present in dairy.

There are still quite a few other food myths that are out there. It is important to find the science behind every belief and not believe anything right away.