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Have a long day at the office? Want to seize the day? There’s more to productivity than just time management and staying on top of your emails and to-do list. Often, food is the fuel to tackle this busyness.

The quip ‘You are what you eat,” now holds a certain truth. You are only as productive as what you eat. Here are the tips on what and how you should eat in order to have a productive workday:

  • Eat breakfast. Start your day with the right tone. A solid breakfast helps you reap the benefits of productivity all day. This kick starts your metabolism and converts your food to energy. If you skip breakfast, you’ll have a huge crash in the afternoon, which explains the sluggishness. Instead of sugary breakfast, have lean protein and whole grains to give you the right energy boost.
  • Focus on brain foods. Consume food that helps your brain run at its optimal level. Avoid sugar and high-fructose food that could temporarily impair your memory. Broccoli, for example, enhances brain power and cognitive function. Chickpeas also help keep your brain receptors functioning and increases blood flow to the brain.
  • Never ignore hunger. When you’re busy, it’s easy to push your stomach’s grumbling to the back burner. When it’s already late in the afternoon, you’ll feel ravenous and grab anything that’s handy. It’s also difficult to make decisions when you’re hungry.
  • Hydrate. Drinking water throughout the day. Our bodies are made up of 60% water but our brains are 80% water. Just drinking enough water can boost your energy levels and raise your metabolism.
  • Grab some healthy snacks. Snacking on some squares of dark chocolate can help boost your focus and energy if you’re feeling the slump. Berries can help increase concentration and memory. Snack regularly in order to prevent hunger pangs and to sustain your productivity.

Now, you don’t have any excuse not to feel productive at work. Set yourself to success by eating the right food and drinking ample of water.