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You’ve probably heard about the 80/20 rule that many experts swear by. Even Hollywood stars are following this diet.

It is pretty understandable why this diet is so famous. It doesn’t require you to eat clean all the time. The diet only encourages people to eat clean 80% of the time. In turn, this allows you 20% of wiggle room for cravings. It is not that restrictive. This makes it so easy to follow with ample of room for some treats here and there.

The good and bad

The good thing about this diet is that it can be healthy. This can promote a balanced mindset when it comes to eating. If you always make sure that 80% of your diet is composed of healthy and nutritious food, then having 20% fun food will not compromise your health.

Like any type of diet, it is better to err on the side of caution. The only problem with the 80/20 rule is that it can be difficult to assess portions and really know how much we’re eating. So, it might also be a challenge to estimate what 20% should look like. You also need to know how to categorize the food that should go under the 20% category.

How to follow it

To follow the 80/20 rule, fill the 80% of your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and others. The other 20% can be any food that you want. However, it’s best to make sure that you really go for the treats that you enjoy and would bring you satisfaction.

How you go about it would also depend on your personality. You can create a structure for yourself if that’s how you see it fits. You can have treats spread out along the entire week or you can eat healthily for most of the time and just have a single day or meal as your treat. However, make sure that you are still in control of the treats that you’re having.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t consider this is a diet. This should be a lifestyle change in order to see sustainable results in the long run. The great thing about this diet is that it teaches you moderation.